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Frederiksdal Kirsebaervin Wine Night

This is a rare event, indeed! For one night only, we'll be pouring flights of Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin cherry wines, some of the finest available. For $35, you will receive a flight of 4 wines, 3oz. glass each: Sparkling, Late Bottled, Sur Lie, and Vintage.

Only 60 bottles of each wine made it into Oklahoma, and we're extremely grateful to our friends at Boardwalk Brands and Shelton Brothers Importers for hooking us up! Don't miss this night!

SPARKLING: Fermented on cherries and pear. The early crispy Stevnsbær cherry is the ideal blend partner for the local Lucas variety pear. The basic blend –Cuvée, 60% cherry and 40% pear – ferments stepwise on its own yeast from the orchard. After natural clarification by gravity, the wine goes into the process of the second fermentation to create the bubbles and the character of a sparkling wine. After second fermentation the wine rests for a period of approximately 3 months on the yeast, during which it develops to its desired complexity.

LATE BOTTLED: Produced from Stevns sour cherries grown and harvested in our own orchards. The berries are fermented for three days, after which the pressed juice undergoes further fermentation in stainless steel vats. Under normal circumstances, we either bottle the wine directly from the vats 9-10 months later or mature the wine in oak casks. “Late Bottle,” however, has been stored in steel vats for a period of 18 months prior to bottling – hence the name – to produce a rounder, fuller wine that retains its original fruitness. 10% of the wine has matured in oak casks before blending – a process which adds delicate nuances of chocolate, coffee and fine tannins.

SUR LIE: A fairly full-bodied wine. The French term ‘sur lie’ means that wine is left to rest on its sediment, or residual yeast particles, for an extended period. The method produces a richer and deeper tasting wine. Our Sur Lie is aged in French oak casks, and is the result of an amalgamation of 2-3 different vintages. The amalgamation of mature and young vintages lends this wine a further degree of complexity: the younger vintages provide fresh and subtle fruity notes, while the mature ones provide more complex tones.

VINTAGE: Frederiksdal, our vintage wine, is our fruitiest to date. It really brings out the full flavour of the Stevnsbær cherries. Like vintage port, it had no exposure to sunlight. In order to achieve that incredibly fruity kick, the sour cherries are wild-fermented for 2-4 days as soon as the harvest is in. The wine is then left to develop in steel tanks before being bottled a year later. This is the best method for preserving the sour cherries’ intense aroma and flavour. Most of the cherries are harvested from our younger trees at Skælstrupmark which give them freshness and fruitiness, but some are harvested from our oldest trees at Nielstrupmark which give them body and additional intensity.

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