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424Fest Day 2: Stonecloud Brewing Company

As Oklahoma prepares for new and historic alcohol laws to come into effect this October, we're looking back at the legislation that changed the landscape for local breweries: Senate Bill 424, which, on August 26, 2016, finally allowed breweries to sell their full-strength beer on-premise. This gave way to the current boom in growth, with over a dozen new breweries or taprooms opening over the last 2 years, and another 20+ on the horizon.

This week, we're featuring breweries whose existence largely hinged on the passage of SB424, or whose behind-the-scenes work was incredibly important to its passage. Come join us and raise a glass to this brave new beery world!

Featured Beers:
Bramble On Raspberry Wild Ale
Havana Affair Pilsner
Raspberry Rerun Blonde Sour
Simcoenly Pale Ale