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Beer-Swilling Humans Against Humanity

Look, we know what a horrible person you are. YOU know what a horrible person you are. And your friends DEFINITELY know, because they're just as horrible, if not more so. (Especially Karen. Go to therapy, girl, please.) TONIGHT, you get to fully and publicly embrace your worst instincts and create the kind of jokes that would make your grandma DIE ON THE SPOT from shame and embarrassment*, as we play everyone’s favorite horrible game, Cards Against Humanity!

How we do:
- Teams of 5 or less receive white cards.
- Our award-winning** comedian DJ, Alex Sanchez, will read out a black card.
- Teams will create the worst/funniest answer possible from their cards, and turn them in.
- Alex will read out each team's completed answer, and the winning one will be chosen by popular vote or tyrannical ruling, whichever comes first.
- Winning team receives the black card.
- After 12 rounds, the team with the most black cards WINS, receiving praise, infamy, and, I don't know, some beer or gift cards or a free bar rag*** or something. YAY!

* Sincere apologies to all the grandmothers out there whose deaths have already been caused by their grandkids' deplorable antics.

**His fourth-grade teacher gave him a gold star once because he stopped licking glue sticks for a WHOLE WEEK.****

***Cleanliness not guaranteed.

***She had to take it back the next week when he started licking the class pet, a legless lizard named Belly.

Later Event: May 23
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