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Long Pour Lager Debut

At 6pm Thursday, May 23, Oak & Ore will introduce Oklahoma’s first “long pour” method for pilsner beer. The first 20 patrons that order a long pour lager the night of the event will receive free custom glassware.

As the name implies, the long pour ritual takes patience - around five minutes from start to finish - but the end result is a beautiful glass of beer with a softened carbonation and enhanced aroma and flavor. We've installed a side-pull tap imported from the Czech Republic specifically for this process. This is a traditional serving method in Germany and Europe, and has recently been popularized in the States by Bierstadt Lagerhaus in Colorado. They've been extremely helpful with advice and support as we developed ideas for the Long Pour Lager program.

To kick things off, we've collaborated with our friends at Stonecloud Brewing Company on a special brew: Czech Please, a Czech-style Pilsner made with 100% floor-malted Bohemian Pilsner malt and brewed with Saaz hops. In addition to the long pour, we'll offer Czech Please as a regular full or 4-oz pour, so you can taste them side-by-side.

Each quarter, we'll team up with a different Oklahoma brewery to feature a pilsner for this program. Expect upcoming collaborations with Prairie Artisan Ales OKC, Heirloom Rustic Ales, and Marshall Brewing Company.

Read more about how the project came together here.

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