Oklahoma’s Only Long Pour Lager Program

Long Pour Lager at Oak & Ore

the art of brewing and serving beer

Long Pour Lager continues Oak & Ore's commitment to serving the highest quality craft beer as the brewer intended. As the name implies, the long pour ritual takes patience - around five minutes from start to finish - but the end result is a beautiful glass of beer with a softened carbonation and enhanced aroma and flavor. This is a traditional serving method in Germany and Europe, and has recently been popularized in the States by Bierstadt Lagerhaus in Colorado. They've been extremely helpful with advice and support as we developed ideas for the Long Pour Lager program.

The rotating beers for the Long Pour Lager project are on a dedicated, stainless steel side-pull tap imported from the Czech Republic and built specifically for pouring traditional European pilsners. The beer itself is served in custom glassware created to highlight the pilsner's foam and brilliant color.

Want to learn more? Read all about how the program got started here.